Hi there!

My name is Sammy-Jo Tawn and I am an award winning stop motion director, animator, puppet and prop maker, based in the UK.

I graduated from Falmouth University with a first class degree in Animation and Visual Effects, where I directed my graduate stop motion film, Distance, which has been screened at festivals around the world and received multiple nominations for Best Stop Motion. My short film, A Casual Commute, was the winner of the 2017 Roughcut 51 Second Film Challenge.   


I like to collaborate with other filmmakers, on both live action and animation. I have created stop motion sequences for Channel 4 Random Acts short Dinner Manners, a blend of live action and stop motion and I created a stop motion sequence for multi-award winning short Synthetica. I was the production designer on the live action shorts Escape and Simulacrum.

As well as my work in short film, I have made a stop motion music video for the alt-folk band You Are Wolf. I was animation director for a promo ad for Mayn Creative, and have created stop motion advertisements for Falmouth and Exeter University Students' Union and for Habaneros Burrito Bar. I have also worked in the art department on live action commercials.

I love to tell stories and create strange tiny worlds with my hands. I am drawn to the handmade and quirky nature of stop motion, with its raw beauty, which I believe can help tell some of the most powerful stories.