In the harsh wilderness of the Arctic, an Inuit, Aluki, struggles to cope with the absence of her only companion, Anik, while a mysterious creature haunts her every step.


Distance is a short stop motion film that takes at look at how missing someone can really mess with your head. The film deals with isolation and loneliness and how these feelings can manifest themselves in strange ways. The idea for Distance came from my experiences of missing the people I care about the most in my life and having to be apart from them for long periods of time. I wanted to tell a story depicting the strong connections you have with people that cannot be broken by the physical distance between you.


Stop motion is combined with the emotive art style of Inuit art, especially Inuit sculpture, to tell this emotionally driven tale.


Distance has been screened as part of the Official Selection at the 2016 Athens Animfest, the 2017 Reanima Festival and the 2017 Anim!Arte 13th International Student Animation Festival of Brazil. It was selected for screening at the World Panorama section at the 2016 Fest Anča International Animation Festival. It has also been screened as part of the Official Selection of the 2016 Portsmouth International Film Festival and the 2016 Southampton International Film Festival, receiving a nomination for the Best Stop Motion Award at both festivals. 


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