I was the production designer for the short film Escape, directed by Alex Falconer, which told the true story of a mother escaping with her children from a domestic violence relationship. I was responsible for acquiring all the props needed and dressing the set, as well as returning the house to its original state at the end of the shoot. I also made the poster for the film.

We were filming in a family home over two days, so prior to the shoot I sketched out what all the rooms should look like and then once on set I was able to quickly ready the rooms for filming. The film required setups for the parents' bedroom, the six year old daughter's bedroom, the joint 10 year old daughter and eight year old son's bedroom, the kitchen/dining room and stairs/hallway. The house needed to look incredibly tidy with very little personality, so as to reflect how suppressed the family were by the father. 

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