I was the production designer for advertisements for Falmouth University's School of Film and TV courses and their Acting, Theatre and Performance course. The adverts showed what students could expect to do on the course, depicting the build up to, and including, their final performance/film. 

I had to create a set that could be used for the actors' final performance, working with the concept of creating two contrasting worlds in the same set, one being full of life and passion and the other being clinical and sterile. I drew up some concept art and, once approved by the director, I began working out what to buy/obtain for the set whilst remaining in budget. The background section was to be very colourful and chaotic with lots of warm lighting and dimly lit, while the front section was to be mainly black and white and minimalistic.

As well as sourcing props I had to alter some of them, such as the vase which I spray painted black. The wine glasses were filled with hair gel mixed with black acrylic ink, so that if knocked over accidentally during filming they wouldn't spill everywhere. I also painted up a mask for the central character at the table to wear. On set, I directed a team of five to help erect set boards, put up wallpaper and dress the set. A few other scenes also required set dressing, such as arranging a table with a typewriter and reference books, and a board covered in storyboard panels, which I drew up for the set.

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