I was commissioned to create three stop motion videos that drew attention to the Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union (FXU) Advice Service. The videos were used on the FXU website and social media. The first animation was a a general introduction to the service and the other two were more specifically geared towards money and university issues.

The FXU wanted the videos to convey the information simply and concisely and follow a central character, whose image could also be used on other advertising materials.

I developed three concepts before building the puppet, set and props. I went for an off kilter, slightly chaotic look for the set and props, to enhance the feel of a typical, messy student bedroom. I tied in the Cornish theme by setting the introductory advert on the coast and I placed references to Falmouth and Exeter University amongst the set, such as a student discount voucher for Cornish pasties. After the animation stage was complete, I took the videos through post production, adding the narration and sound.