I was commissioned to create an advert for Habaneros Burrito Bar which was to be used on their website and social media, as well as in the cinema. The concept that Habaneros were keen to use for the advert was 'from farm to plate' as their chillies come from their own local chilli farm. The idea that arose from this was that the advert would follow a character, the Chilli Man, on his epic journey from growing out of the soil to becoming part of the chilli sauce that gets poured over the burrito. The advert would be a mixture of stop motion animation and live action, combining the stop motion world of the Chilli Man with the real live action preparation of a Habaneros burrito.

The Chilli Man was going to be a humanised chilli, who was also a Mexican wrestler, to tie in with the Mexican burrito theme. I was keen to tie in Habaneros' existing visual style with the design of the Chilli Man, such as incorporating their skull logo into his mask and sewing it onto the back of his cape. The advert was kept as colourful as possible as the food that Habaneros makes is all very fresh and colourful itself. I was also able to get a fantastic soundtrack made for the advert by Dominic Smyth.

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