I was the animation director for a promotional advert for Mayn Creative, a video, animation and photography agency in Cornwall. The idea for the advert was to show through both live action and animated visuals what the work created by Mayn is like. A selection of words/phrases were chosen which describe the kind of work Mayn produce, so for each phrase there was to be a short sequence which embodied its meaning. The phrases for the three animated sequences were 'Free Thinking', 'Straightforward' and 'Outside the Box'.

I came up with the ideas for the animated sections along with Alex Falconer, who was directing the live action. 'Free Thinking' used morphing to get across the idea of thoughts exploding from someone's mind and flowing unrestrained from one idea to the next. Imagery of birds flying, water flowing and a deer running were used to get across that idea of free and kinetic thinking. 'Straightforward' played with the idea of a little bird flying straightforward through terrible weather and travelling a great distance to reach the tranquility of a sunny beach. Nothing would stop the bird in its straightforward journey. The idea for 'Outside the Box' was to create an unusual situation, that was, in itself, outside the box, so what better scenario than a bear rowing a girl playing the harmonica in outer space, casually gliding past the moon?

I created the stop motion sequence for 'Outside the Box', Kathryn Leviton animated 'Free Thinking' and 'Straightforward' was animated by Matt Hawkins, with artwork by Becky Jamieson.

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