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I was the production designer for the short film Simulacrum, directed by Alex Falconer. Simulacrum tells the story of an Instagram star whose idyllic life is turned upside down when the darkest part of her past turns up unannounced.  


I was responsible for finding a suitable house to film in, acquiring all the props and costumes, dressing the set and returning the house to its original state at the end of the shoot. I also created the poster for the film.

The production design needed to show how the main character, Grace, had created a style and brand for herself, to sell to her followers on Instagram. This style comes across in her clothes, the way she dressed her daughter and her house. It also shows through her baby sitter, who is a huge fan and tries to copy Grace's style. This style needed to be bold and colourful, so I played with the use of bold, block colours, primarily using blue, orange and yellow. Everything in her house is meticulously placed, as everything in Grace's world is purposefully fabricated to convey a perfect lifestyle. It needed to look like everything was ready to be photographed for an Instagram post. 

John on the other hand, needed to wear dark natural colours, practical, warm clothes. His attire contrasts heavily to the clothes of Grace and her home decor, as John represents reality, not the contrived digital illusion Grace has orchestrated.

The morning scenes in the house are lit with tungsten lamps, creating a more warm and cosy tone, whereas when Grace returns in the afternoon it is harshly lit with natural daylight, reflecting how her father has returned to Grace's life, bringing reality with him.

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